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Tripe Seafood Stew

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  • 2 whole honeycomb tripes (about 500-700 gm)
  • mixture of fresh seafood - eg, 400-500 gm small octopus;
  • similar amounts of squid, firm fish (eg, flake), raw prawns, crab, mussels, pippies, or whatever is cheap & available - about 1.5 kilos in all (ie, 2-3 parts seafood to one part tripe)
  • can of tomatoes or equivalent lots of chopped garlic (ideally 6-8 lg cloves or more to taste)
  • some fresh herbs - celery top is best, but Italian parsley, too, would be nice (about a handful in all), chopped
  • small onion, finely choppeda couple of red chillis (not too hot), or more to taste, chopped
  • pinch of cumin seeds, black pepper & salt to taste (not too much, as tripe will be slightly salty after its preparation)
  • perhaps a pinch of oreganoolive oil
  • half a pint of good, rich fish stock (packet will do
  • half a cup of white wine
  • fish stock cube or level teaspoon of fish stock powder


  • slice tripe into thick strips (about 3x6 cm)in saucepan add stock cube to half a pint of water
  • add about 3 roughly chopped celery sticks, add tripe
  • bring to boil and set aside to coolin stewpot lightly saute onion in olive oil
  • add half garlic and chopped chillis
  • saute for a minute (do not brown or burn)
  • add white wine and stock & bring to boil
  • add tomatoes, boil
  • turn heat down to active simmer drain & add tripe & all herbs
  • add seafood in order of cooking time (shellfish & prawns last)bring to boil, add rest of garlic (taste for seasoning)
  • simmer (just below rolling boil) for about 10 minutes till all seafood cooked
  • serve from pot in lg soup plates (will keep & improve for several hours if kept warm)

Source: Robert Darroch

Serving suggestions
Serve with boiled rice, cous-cous (best) or small pastaprovide harissa or aioli as an extra addition to stew/carbohydrate

Herbs can be varied, as can the seafood mix & the carbohydrate accompaniment (polenta is another possible variant)
This is an excellent example of what tripe contributes to cuisine. The tripe strips absorb all the flavours of the seafood stew, and in fact become the favoured ingredient (delivering more flavour than the individual seafood ingredients).