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Moroccan Tripe

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cous-couserie or large stewpot


  • 1 kilo honeycomb tripe, prepared by butcher (about 3 whole tripes) cut into strips about 3cm by 8cm, boiled until tender and drained
  • selection of cheap root vegetables (eg, two large carrots, 2 parsnips, 2 turnips, 2 swedes, half a small pumpkin) chopped into bite-size pieces
  • 2 medium onions (Spanish preferably) chopped
  • 2 large red capsicums (roughly cut up about 4cm square)
  • 2 cans of chick peas, or equivalent dried, soaked and cooked (al-dente)
  • 1 bunch coriander, chopped (roots washed & chopped separately)
  • half-cup tomato paste
  • teaspoon cumin seeds
  • chopped hot red chilli (or more to taste)
  • several cloves of garlic, chopped, to taste
  • salt and pepper to taste (level teaspoon of cracked pepper recommended)
  • quart or half-litre good stock (chicken, veal or, best of all, lamb)
  • olive oil
  • teaspoon harissa (see harissa recipe in appendix, "accompaniments") to taste
  • half-teaspoon saffron or turmeric (for color)


  • heat cous-couserie or large stew-pot on medium-high heat
  • add enough olive oil to lightly saute first capsicum, then onion
  • add stock (sufficient to half-fill pot)add coriander roots, cumin, salt & pepper, garlic, saffron/turmeric, chilli
  • bring to boil (more stock can be added as required)
  • add tripe and root vegetables in order of hardness (first carrot, then parsnip, swede, turnip & finally pumpkin) and simmer, aiming to finish up all equally "al-dente"when vegetables half-cooked,
  • add chick peas, harissa and enough tomato paste to "half-thicken" stew (it will thicken further of its own accord)
  • when almost done, add coriander leaves and prepare cous-cous (see next)
  • soak one 500gm packet (or more) cous-cous in about half-litre of hot water (enough water to just cover cous-cous before absorption) with salt and a little oil added for about 20 minutes (must end up damp but dry)
  • with fork, rake damp cous-cous onto serving platter (sultanas, flaked almond, saffron and other embellishments can be added to taste)
  • drizzle olive oil onto cous-cousserve in three elements: pot of tripe/vegetable stew; platter of cous-cous; small bowl of harissa


  • vegetable ingredients can be varied in many ways (celery, fennel, celeriac and other strong-tasting vegetables can be added and chilli content varied)also see harissa variations in appendix, and cous-cous additions below(bread with rock/sea salt & extra virgin olive oil side-dishes recommended), plus salad


  • a good - and inexpensive - summer (especially lunch) main course also good as part of buffet or with other main course dishes (see tripe buffet menus in appendix)

Submitted by: R. Darroch



Serving suggestions
ideally using wide soup dishes, diners should help themselves, starting with several servings of cous-cous, adding some stew, then adding first small, then larger dollops of harissa (to taste), mixing well and eating as a thick soup or thin stew(stew will keep in fridge for several days) Serves 8