January and February 2003

Two Bondi tripe lunches were held - on January 19 and February 9 - both hosted by Derry Simonds and Rob Darroch. Guests at the January lunch were Prue and Tony Keulemans, Rob Douglass, and web mistress Sandra Jobson. Derry Simonds presented her special Tripe Salad (click HERE to see recipe). She used Book Tripe for this (see details HERE)

Derry Simonds

Rob Darroch served his Bondi Tripe Terrine (Click HERE for recipe), plus a hagis (click HERE for recipe).

Prue Keulemans gets ready to
attack the haggis

The February lunch included tripe enthusiasts Rosemary and Mike Calder and Tracey and Dan Fitzhenry, Angela and John Kay, Rob Douglass, Sandra Jobson, Derry Simonds and Rob Darroch.

November 2002

Bondi historian John Ruffels reports a tripe anecdote he heard in a local pub:

The 84 year-old North Bondi widow of the march-past flag carrier (Life Saving Club marchpast) told me recently her deceased partner met a Yank in a Bondi pub in the 'seventies' who - during a discussion on tripe - mentioned: "Back home during the Depression, his dear old Momma always put a parsnip in, when cooking Tripe. It kept the Tripe a nice white colour, and it added a bit of flavour. Always boiled the stuff twice!".

October 2002

This site, which is now sponsored by Meat & Livestock Australia, got a nice mention in D.D. McNicoll's column in The Australian on Tuesday October 9 (page 11, second item).

Here is a scan of the item:


July 2002

Robert Darroch of the Tripesite was rung by the BBC Radio program Five Live and asked to comment on a report just published in the UK in which tripe was voted "the worst food in the world". Rob waxed lyrical on the diversity of tripe, mentioning that our site has over 100 tripe recipes of all kinds. When asked to comment on the results of the survey, he said: "I am sorry to hear that. Britain has been having a poor run lately, what with the football and the tennis, and it didn't need another blow like this."


Comic strip in Sydney Daily Telegraph
May 2002


March 18, 2002

The Tripe Website ( was officially launched at a successful tripe lunch held under the auspices of the NSW Tripe Club at the Mixing Pot restaurant in Glebe on March 18, 2002.

The site was reported in D.D.McNicoll's column in The Australian on May 3, 2002:

The launch occasion had a dual purpose. The first aim was to launch the site and associate it with the NSW Tripe Club. The second aim was to raise part of the money to host the site on a fast American server for one year and to pay for minor technical upgrades to the site.

The occasion succeeded in both aims. More than 80 tripe devotees came to the lunch and lent their support to the project. And more than $1250 was raised to help defray the costs of the project (the tripe menu, prepared specially by the Mixing Pot, was also most successful - see details in our restaurants section).

The money raised, however, defrayed only part of the cost of the site, and we are now seeking further support from the producers and processors of tripe in NSW.

By way of information, the cost of constructing the site, the gathering of recipes, and its pre-launch hosting, has been born, on a pro bono basis, by CyberSydney Pty Ltd by its two designers and content providers, Derry Simonds and Sandra Jobson.

As demonstrated by this "NEWS" item, we are also developing and expanding the site as opportunities and funds become available.

But the Tripesite belongs to everyone, or at least all those interested in tripe. So we invite everyone to contribute to the site, most particularly to this new NEWS section, and our most important TRIPE RECIPES section.

To contact us, go to the navigation bar at the top of the page and click on CONTACT. This will allow you to e-mail us with your NEWS item.

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