A tripe lunch at Bondi Beach,
Sydney, Australia.
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This site comes from Sydney, Australia, where tripe flourishes because of the diverse ethnic background of Australia's population. We pay tribute to tripe recipes from around the world.

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his is a site dedicated and devoted to tripe.
      Tripe is, in turn, both worshiped & reviled.
      To generations whose only exposure to the delights of tripe has been the ubiquitous Tripe + Onions, in white sauce, such prejudices are both ingrained and understandable.
      But tripe is better than that - much better. It can be, properly prepared and served, food of the gods.

Section: EVENTS

Tripe's true homeland is the north of England where it is part of popular culture and cuisin"e - as illustrated by the famous Bill Tidy cartoon series, The Fosdyke Saga (Methuen, London 1984).

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