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Enquiries: Should be directed to

John Bowring
Tel: 02-9957 3693 Fax: 02-9957 3731
P.O. Box 6349
North Sydney ShoppingWorld NSW 2060
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Next Tripe Lunch

Dear Member,
Our next lunch has been arranged as follows.
Venue: The House of Robert Timms
17 Castlereagh Street
Date: Tuesday, April 30th 2002
Time: 12.30 for 1 pm.
All up cost including wine and a pre-lunch drink has been set at $55.00.
Payment will be made to the restaurant on the day.
RSVP - By: Wednesday 24th April 2002
To John Bowring
Tel: (02) 9957 3832 (Office hours only)
Fax: (02) 9957 3731
As the restaurant buys in food specially for us, any cancellations after
the closing date of must be paid for


About the Tripe Club

This document provides information on membership of the Tripe Club of New South Wales, and conditions for attendance at functions organised for members.
What is The Tripe Club of NSW

The Tripe Club is a group of tripe lovers and their guests who meet for lunch several times a year to enjoy the delicacies and nuances of well prepared tripe dishes. There are over 200 members of the club who are typically business people. Attendances for lunch range from 60 to 100. Lately, the attendances have been at the upper end of that range.

Organisation of the Tripe Club is voluntary. There is NO membership fee.

Day of Week: Lunches are typically Monday or Tuesday as that is when restaurants can best accommodate the numbers.
Time: 12:30 for 1:00pm. We require that all are seated and the first course is being served by 1:00pm and the last course is served by 1:45pm. Some members and their guests with business commitments start to leave by 2:30pm.
Menu: Subject to discussion. We look to the Chef to suggest different dishes. We require at least an Entré and a Main course that both feature tripe.
Price: We look for an all inclusive price for food, tea or coffee, one pre-lunch drink (beer or soft) and house white and red wine at about $55.00 to $60.00 per person including GST.

To become a member of the Tripe Club, you must:
a. Send your name, email address, postal address, telephone and fax numbers to the Tripe Club at the contactaddress shown at the end of this document.
b. Attend a club luncheon to confirm your membership.
c. The preferred contact method is by email, followed by fax. Our system does not work with fax machines connected to the same telephone line as the normal telephone. A postal address will only be used for members or guests who have attended a lunch.
d. Observe common courtesies such as replying to all invitations, even if unable to attend.
e. Advise changes of address. Returned emails and letters will cause deletion from the list.
f. Members names will be deleted from the list if no contact is received within a 2 year period.

Conditions for attendance at a lunch:
g. Notices are distributed four weeks before the luncheon date. Members are asked to reply by the due date which is normally the Wednesday of the prior week. Firm numbers are given to the restaurant at this time. If you bring guests, you should state their names on the reply. You will be responsible for the payment of your guests' account.
h. Dress for lunch is smart casual. Some venues have dress requirements of ties and jackets for men. These will be noted on the invitation. You may be refused entry if you do not meet the minimum dress requirements.
i. Attendance without replying, or bringing additional guests is discouraged. You may be embarrassed if there is no place for you.
j. Late replies may be accepted, but you should confirm in advance that you can be accommodated.
k. If you cancel after the closing date, you will be required to pay the lunch cost. If there are late acceptances, this cost may be waived.
l. If, having accepted, you or your guests do not attend, you will be charged the lunch cost. If the restaurant does not require payment, the fee will go towards the costs of running the Tripe Club.
m. All payments for lunch must be made to the restaurant. Payment by cheque can only be made if you make your own arrangements in advance with the restaurant. Do not make cheques payable to the Tripe Club. When you pay your account at the restaurant, make sure your name is crossed off the list, otherwise an additional fee may be charged.
n. If you are paying for a cancellation, do not send payment to the restaurant as the account may have been paid on the day of the lunch. Cancellation fees should be made payable to John Bowring, as the Tripe Club does not have a bank account.

Our luncheon at the Mixing Pot Restaurant in Glebe on March 18 was a special occasion as it was also a fund-raising event for our tripe Internet site - - which was launched at the lunch. The site is designed and constructed by two of our Tripe Club members - Derry Simonds and Robert Darroch - and Sandra Jobson, who are also compiling a book of tripe recipes, Tripe, Tripe, Glorious Tripe).

The Tripe Club will have a permanent section within the site where previous Tripe Club meal menus will be displayed, along with information about the Club, membership forms, notices of lunches, etc, which will be posted.


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