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Tuscan Tripe Salad

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Derry Simonds writes: Stephanie Alexander offers the following tripe recipe in the TUSCAN COOKBOOK , co-authored with Maggie Beer.
From their base at the Villa di Corsano near Siena where they conducted cooking schools, many typical Tuscan recipes were tested, including this tripe salad from La Fattoria at Tavernelle. According to Stephanie, it was the hit of the day amongst the student cooks.
(No quantities were given. Judge how much you need yourself.)

  • Ingredients

    tripe (either blanket or honeycomb tripe. Click HERE for more details)
    bay leaf
    diced tomato
    finely sliced red onion
    finely sliced celery
    finely chopped red capsicum
    finely chopped fennel bulb
    roughly chopped flat-leaf parsley
    extra-virgin olive oil
    wine vinegar
    freshly ground black pepper

  • Method+-

Cook the tripe with carrot, onion and bay leaf for about an hour until tender.
Drain the tripe but retain some cooking liquid.
Slice the tripe finely and toss it with the diced tomato, a little red onion and some celery, fennel, capsicum and parsley.
Moisten the salad while still warm with a generous amount of olive oil, a spoonful of the reserved cooking liquid and a few drops of vinegar.
Check the seasoning and allow to cool.
Serve at room temperature.

Serving suggestions